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What Changes Can You Make Right Now to Minimize Clinical Trial Disruption?

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As COVID-19 temporarily dominates (and in some ways forever changes) the way we live and work, sponsors cannot simply stop ongoing or planned clinical trials. 

During candid conversations with our customers, sites, and regulators over the past few weeks we have learned a great deal about the challenges that arise when study patients and research staff must socially isolate. 

If you are facing similar challenges and would like to speak with our team about your unique needs, please let us know. 

Whether you are a current customer or have never heard of Signant Health before, our experts are ready and available to help you navigate these uncertain times with consultation and solutions for... 

  • Remote assessments, consent and engagement
  • Data management and reliability
  • Available technology to adapt to new trial realities
  • IRT for rapid enrollment
  • Supply chain considerations

This is a complimentary and non-promotional conversation with the intent of collaborating and building our industry crisis response to mitigate the disruptive impact of COVID-19.

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We're Here to Help: Actionable COVID-19 Consulting for Industry

Bill Byrom, PhD

Science & Medicine Leadership

Jim Primerano

Dan Debonis

Barb Enger, MSN

Scientific, practical and technical considerations for remote consent, engagement and patient data

Rater training and support to ensure scale administration consistency and data reliability

David Daniel, MD | Steve Targum, MD

Joan Busner, PhD | Lew Fredane, MD 

Denis Curtin, PhD Amir Kalali, MD 

Alan Kott, MUDr David Miller, MD, MA 

Gary Sachs, MD | Todd Everhart, MD

Enterprise supply chain forecasting, global logistics and IRT for patient randomization

Technology and methodologies for data quality control monitoring in remote assessments 

What are other sponsors doing for remote consent, data capture and engagement?

Which technologies can I implement to support remote site-patient interactions? 

How can I protect data reliability when the patient isn't at the site?

How can we condense enrollment timelines for an urgent study?

What additional safeguards are needed for safety assessments?

What processes should I implement to govern new data collection approaches?

How can we quickly adjust study medication supply being sent to sites?

How can I capture patient data that was intended to be taken at  site visits?

How can I analyze the effect on data due to change in mode of endpoint admin?