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Enable the use of our core TrialGuide patient engagement mobile app – including integrated video meetings and site-patient SMS messaging – at no cost for customers


Connect virtually with subject matter experts for specific guidance based on the science, technology, and data issues you are facing – available as a courtesy from us to everyone 


Act with unprecedented speed to deploy solutions (IRT, eCOA, eConsent, Patient Engagement) faster than ever before. Example of IRT in days, not weeks:


Our customers are adapting to the new realities of clinical research in innovative and inspiring ways - from enabling remote assessments and consent, to managing global supply chains and  data quality controls. We are proud and honored to support you:


Since our last message to customers we find ourselves, like you, continuing to operate in extraordinary times. I hope that you and your families are safe and well, while acknowledging the fact that it continues to be a challenging time for many.

The team at Signant Health is honored to be your trusted partner and values the continued opportunity to help you maintain data continuity, patient safety and quality in your clinical development programs. We are proud to lend our science, technology, and data expertise to focus on clinical trial continuity and plan for the new normal with remote technology that supports your patients, investigator sites, and study teams.  We are proud to be providing solutions such IRT and eCOA, deployed at unprecedented speeds, for 20 studies specifically targeted to accelerate the development of COVID-19 drugs and vaccines, with several more in discussion.

We’ve also recently pulled together a variety of resources to support our customers that highlight how Signant can help you meet the challenges of operating during and after this pandemic. We believe it demonstrates what sets us apart – our unique combination of science, services and technologies - and underlines the potential we have working in partnership with our customers to improve the lives of patients and those professionals involved in clinical trials. These resources include…

  • Complimentary use of our core TrialGuide patient engagement app for current customers – featuring integrated video meetings for patients around the world
  • A compendium of white papers focused on actional guidance for remote site-patient assessments, mixing modes of data capture, patient engagement, and more
  • Consulting with our scientists, clinical team, and subject matter experts at no cost
  • Rapid deployment of IRT, eCOA, eConsent, and other solutions you need

In line with our Business Continuity Plan and its component Pandemic Response Plan, the majority of our teammates around the world continue to work remotely. We do have a small number of individuals who are working in specific sites where their role cannot be performed remotely and is essential to continue to provide service to our customers – such as our logistics centers. There are also a small number of critical roles being performed in our offices that are needed to maintain our infrastructure so that we can provide you with our services.

We’ve implemented procedures to ensure that we are doing everything necessary to keep these teammates safe and protected, as well as safe handling procedures when it comes to devices and products that we ship out to customers and patients.

COVID-19 Compendium: White Papers Authored by Scientists, Clinicians, Technologists, and Data Experts to Help You Navigate Clinical Research

Child Psychiatric Trials

Mixing Modes of Data Collection

Training for Remote Monitoring

IRT Success Strategies

Alzheimer's Disease

Expanding Patient Engagement

Reliable Medical Evaluations

Remote Ratings Best Practices

Data Analytics During a Pandemic

Solutions and Services Available for Customers and Industry

There is clearly some movement in regional and national governments who are taking first tentative steps towards returning to life after COVID-19. As you know we are a globally diverse company and, as such, we are monitoring the public health guidance and governmental guidelines in every country, state, region and community where we operate.

We will continue to take a deliberate, science-based approach and keep the safety and protection of our people at the very core of our decisions. Throughout the time since we moved to a global work remotely policy in early March, we have put considerable effort into keeping connected with our teams, keep them informed and to understand their needs.

We are proud that the Signant team has done an extraordinary job to adapting to the remote work environment and staying connected to each other and to our customers. I am confident that our ongoing commitment to providing high quality products and services to you has remained unchanged.

Finally, you will have noticed the fact that this message comes from someone different than our previous updates. Mike Nolte has left the business and I am Chairman of the Board and acting CEO until a new permanent CEO is appointed. A search for a new CEO is underway and we expect to have a new leader in place within the next few months.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors of Signant Health I want to thank and acknowledge Mike’s contributions to the company during his time as CEO.

Our focus continues to be on our customers and providing you what you expect from us: Excellent service delivery, product innovation, in-house expertise, quality management and thought leadership to support your clinical development programs.

Thank you for your continued trust. We never forget the responsibility we have in partnering with you to transform clinical research and help you bring life-changing therapies to patients and communities around the world, especially at this critical time.


John Hubbard, PhD, FCP

Chairman and CEO

Signant Health