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Manage rater quality to improve data reliability

Ensure participant comprehension 

Monitor study data as they flow in

Maximize signal detection opportunities

Digitize studies for end-to-end accuracy and visibility

Train and monitor raters to ensure consistency and accuracy with Rater Training and Qualification as well as Central Review services. Our experts ensure raters adhere to eligibility criteria and score diagnostic/efficacy measures correctly, and can help mitigate excessive placebo response to improve your MDD study’s data reliability.

Signant’s robust eConsent platform employs multimedia,
managed interactions, content flagging, and virtual visits
to ensure participant comprehension of your protocol
requirements while improving site and participant
experience. Automated version control ensures the
presentation of the most recently approved ICD versions,
thus preventing a common FDA audit finding.

With its powerful algorithms and support from our team of experts, Signant’s Blinded Data Analytics solution improves clinical data accuracy and reliability throughout the drug development cycle. Our clinical scientists and operations experts analyze study data at all relevant levels and make recommendations for appropriate interventions. 

Talk through your MDD protocol with our science and
medicine experts, who serve as an extension of your
study team. We guide the selection and acquisition
of endpoints and assessments, advise on inclusion/
exclusion criteria, and recommend methods to decrease
site and participant burdens while improving data quality.

While all of our solutions can be applied individually, when combined they enhance the data accuracy and operational efficiency of your MDD study. Gain immediate access to electronic data for faster decision-making and improved regulatory inspections.

Signant’s MDD solutions are overseen by a full-time Science and Medicine team that includes clinical trials methodologists and eCOA scientists, and supported by a Scientific Advisory Board and MDD experts around the world.


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Simplify assessments and adherence for participants

Patient-reported and clinician-reported outcome assessments are vital to fully evaluate MDD treatment risk-benefit profiles. Our eCOA solution can be tailored to sites' and patient's needs – guided assessments and built-in edit checks reduce COA errors, while alerts and reminders help improve adherence to medication dosing schedules.

Our solutions are executed by best-in-class teams of operational, clinical, technical, eCOA, scale management, and statistical experts, all well-versed in the nuances of ensuring that your MDD trial runs smoothly. Learn more:

End-to-end evidence generation & expertise
to improve Major Depressive Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a leading cause of patient suffering and disability around the world. Despite the compelling, unmet need for new and more effective treatments, the development process remains challenging. At Signant, we offer study sponsors a team with the scientific expertise and global experience, as well as innovative technology, to help run successful MDD trials. Leverage our Signant SmartSignals suite to help your adult or pediatric MDD trial succeed.


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